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Welcome to BJLive!

BJLive! designs, manufactures and distributes assistive technology devised to improve the autonomy, communication opportunities, access to work and leisure.

Our Barcelona-based company offers a full range of products that adapt to the specific needs of each person, allowing him or her to interact and engage with the environment, to learn and to be as autonomous as possible. Our products range from those allowing access to social networks, via smartphones or tablets, to those that create multisensory spaces and control the environment.


BJLive! solutions



Discover our BJOY mice. These devices are designed to adapt to any specific need, and can be easily configured and personalised.

We also offer switch-based access devices which are compatible with many applications.



Products that allow children and adults with disabilities to interact, participate and enjoy activities in their everyday life and environment.

Adapted toys and controllers that are easily customised and configured to meet the needs of each user, facilitating learning and the satisfaction of participating in a group.


Environmental Control

With BJ System remote controllers, that combine IR and RF, everyone can control most household items such as the TV, stereo, lights, doors, beds, blinds and so on.

The controllers are easy to install and configure, and can be adapted to the mobility and preferences of each person.

Choose among a complete range of Enablers with multiple operation modes designed to meet the needs of each user and invisible installations.


Sensory Rooms

Create fully interactive sensory and multimedia spaces with the BJLive! products, adapting the environment to the specific needs of each user.

Multisensory spaces to promote both leisure and learning, configured using the innovative Sensory SHX System to manage all elements of the room (bubble tubes, bean bag chairs, multisensory beds, etc.).



With MyRoom! we take one step further in promoting personal autonomy and entertainment for children and adults with disabilities.

A new concept that gathers all the elements needed to create a truly multimedia and sensory environment in the person’s own room at home: a place where those with a disability can grow and enjoy their free time safely, based on their own likes and interests.

img_6R&D Projects

We collaborate with several organisations from different countries in the development of new solutions for people with disabilities.

Networking is essential to offer global solutions. If you are interested in collaborating with us in a project, please contact our Innovation Department.

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img_7Our Products

We manufacture innovative products for people with disabilities.

Our company offers a range of solutions including products that provide smartphone, tablet and computer access to sensory rooms or complete environment control.

If you are interested in promoting our solutions in your local market, please feel free to contact us.

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BJLive! is the international brand of BJ Adaptaciones, the leading company in Spain in the manufacture and distribution of assistive technology. Since 2002, we have designed, developed, distributed and installed solutions that help people with physical or intellectual disabilities to achieve greater independence.

Our philosophy is based on commitment, support, customization, innovation and our team.

Each person, regardless of the physical or cognitive level, has the opportunity to control his/her own environment. Our solutions are suited to each person needs in each different stage: Perception, Cause-Effect, Choice, Participation, Self-Determination and Autonomy.

Come and discover our range of products that goes one step further in improving accessibility to personal communications, work, learning and leisure for people with disabilities

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